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IT'S OUR NATURE - Episode 2

The somewhat different beauty podcast


It's all about WOOD, in Dagmar's latest beauty podcast edition. Curious to find out more about the different facets of wood as a cosmetics packaging material - the perfect combination for performance and sustainability?





An appreciation for nature´s fragile beauty

Following the truth trend, our new product range is telling its own responsible, eco-friendly story: from upcycling to carefully sourced natural materials. The nature of the truth product line is evident in a simple but deliberately accentuated styling, with a colour palette of light, subtle tones contrasting with darker, earthy shades and a range of cool blues - jazzed up with shiny glacial silver alongside elemental purple and lupine as the key colors of fall 23/24.

Where beauty ideals are in harmony with untouched nature and vanishing natural resources!

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Psychedelic Beauty x Metaverse

An exceptional fusion of psychedelic and hyper natural brought to life on and off screen - that´s what TriP is all about. The digital direction of this vivid new trend is pushing the boundaries of beauty and playing with the unconventional.

Bridging the gap between nature and technology, natural powerhouse ingredients such as mushrooms and hemp seed oil are combined with fancy effects and colours to create an almost alien like finish. 

Textures, colours and accessories aim for maximum radiance. Bright to neon shades are combined with cool hues of metallic black, shiny silver or white pearlescent to achieve post-human perfection and avatar aesthetic.

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Everyone talks about AGILITY

We act!

Bearing the customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do, our team is proactively addressing tomorrow’s market challenges by building new capabilities in the operating landscape. Dagmar Chlosta, President of Faber-Castell Cosmetics, cuts to the chase: "Driven by customer centricity, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming the benchmark for agility in our industry - short lead times, flexibility in the supply chain, the highest quality and first-class services."  That is why an agile planning system, agile production teams, and digitization are among the key measures of our brand-new Batch Flow Production System.


Rechargeable Liquid Eyeliner

Our latest innovation in responsible packaging

The one-click cartridge offers a quick and easy refill in just a few seconds. A convenient solution developed with environmental sustainability in mind - less waste but more product value! In addition, the new vegan precision brush offers a fantastic application experience, extremely smooth and gliding in combination with an intense, subtle shiny, vegan texture that is not only quick drying but also lasts up to 12 hours.

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Colour Box App

Quick and easy – pick your favorite colours with just a few clicks

Are you looking for your individual colour? Introducing the Colour Box App, a digital colour library that enables you to quickly and easily select and define colours based on samples, photos, and digital references. Shorten product lead times by simply snapping a photo of your colour sample and the app will provide you immediately with the matching results. Colours can be sourced from LAB, RGB, HEX and Pantone values. The Colour Box is a milestone: it simplifies and shortens the whole project lead time.

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Beautyworld Middle East

Let´s get together so we can introduce you to our latest innovations. Where? At the Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai from 31st October to 2nd November 2022 in the Dubai World Trade Center. 

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IT'S OUR NATURE - Episode 1

The somewhat different beauty podcast


You are interested in beauty and want to be a beautypreneur? Take the chance and explore the beauty industry together with Dagmar Chlosta, President Faber-Castell Cosmetics. Episode 1 is all about customers, trends, and their translation into cosmetics products . But have a look for yourself or just listen to the insights and advice Dagmar is providing.


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