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Mood booster with powerful colours

Inspired by digital escapism, revival culture and the need for a more playful beauty, our latest concept REVERIE comprises rich expressive shades in a mixture of glossy digital-effect gleam or powdery textures for lips, brows and eyes. Check out our alternative to plastic glitter, the entirely plant-based bio glitter for a sparkly but conscious make-up look.

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Colour Box App

Quick and easy – pick your favorite colours with just a few clicks

Are you looking for your individual colour? Introducing the Colour Box App, a digital colour library that enables you to quickly and easily select and define colours based on samples, photos, and digital references. Shorten product lead times by simply snapping a photo of your colour sample and the app will provide you immediately with the matching results. Colours can be sourced from LAB, RGB, HEX and Pantone values. The Colour Box is a milestone: it simplifies and shortens the whole project lead time.

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The Micro Liner

Highest precision with every stroke

Our latest innovation, the Micro Liner retractable brow pencil with an ultra-fine 2 mm lead, precisely defines, shapes and fills brows. It delivers highest micro-precision with every stroke and creates a stunning natural or micro-blading effect. The grooming brush at the end blends the rich pigmented texture as desired to customize the look.

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Celebrate your Nature

Indulge in pure colours

Combing carefully selected natural ingredients, certified materials and local manufacturing, our concept CELEBRATE YOUR NATURE is an inspiration to environmentally conscious users.  Formulations for lips, brows and eyes containing food extracts, such as goji berry, coffee or pomegranate are sustainable without a compromise in performance.

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Home Spa – Wellness for your Nails

Nourishing ingredients are key

The boom of DIY wellbeing and selfcare is a rising trend especially in nail treatment. Our Home Spa concept comprises intense nail care products especially with nourishing aromas and active ingredients like grapeseed, CPD or tea-tree oil.

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La Vie en Rose

Perfume in a pencil

One of our latest launches, La Vie en Rose fragrance pencil is not only a travel-friendly solution but also the best way to carry perfume in fashionable tiny handbags. La Vie en Rose is a wood clenched pencil with a lovely texture that is slightly iridescent and exudes the individual fragrance of your brand in a 100% natural packaging.

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