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Discover the many milestones that have helped define our growth, our identity, and our success.


EcoVadis 2023 GOLD

The EcoVadis Gold seal is a signal to the customers that responsibility in the areas of environment, labor & human rights, ethics as well as sustainable sourcing in the manufacture of cosmetic products are taken seriously. We’re proud of the fact that after an independent, expert analysis of our company’s procedures, documentation, and management systems, we are meeting the strict EcoVadis standards for sustainable companies of the future.


Colour Box

Introducing the Colour Box App, a digital colours library that enables you to quickly and easily select and define colours based on samples, photos, and digital references. Shorten product lead times by simply snapping a photo of your colours sample and the app will provide you with the appropriate colours reference. Colours can be sourced from LAB, RGB, HEX and Pantone values. Check back soon and try it for yourself!


A quarter of a millennium of Faber-Castell

In summer 2011, the Faber-Castell company celebrated its 250th anniversary - at this time, it had been family-owned for 8 generations, and today already in its 9th generation. In all these years, the company has truly experienced - and even made - history, and has always trusted the guiding principle "to make ordinary things extraordinarily good".


Faber-Castell Children's Fund Foundation

In 2001, Count Faber-Castell set up the Graf von Faber-Castell Children's Fund Foundation. A charity trust for children to sponsor the work of various humanitarian children's aid projects, above all in countries such as Brazil, Peru, India and Indonesia.


Faber Castell Social Charter

In 2000, we defined the Faber Castell Social Charter, a commitment to ensuring fair employment and working conditions at all our locations worldwide. Whether it is Germany, Brazil or the United States, we are all guided by one universal standard for social and economic equality and justice.


Reforestation Project

We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint. In the mid 80s, the Faber-Castell Group launched the reforestation project in Prata, Brazil. Since then, have renewed over ten thousand acres of forest that support over six hundred animal species while absorbing 900,000 tons of carbon dioxide.


Faber-Castell Cosmetics is born

In 1978 Faber-Castell Cosmetic was found and started producing wood-cased pencils for the cosmetic industry. The company has since been focusing strongly on international expansion, sustainable development and social responsibility.


Brows, lips and nails

In 1930, under the direction of Count Roland von Faber-Castell, the company began producing its first products for lips and nails: the “Nail White Pencil”.


The first Eyebrow pencil

This is where it all began. In 1890, Faber-Castell manufactured its first make-up pencils for women. The “A.W. Faber’s Eyebrow” generated inquiries from as far as Paris and New York.

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