With Faber-Castell Cosmetics, your nails are in good hands.

Just like skin and hair, natural and artificial nails need to look their best. Before one tries the latest nail art trends, it's important to keep the nails healthy. We offer premium treatment products that repair, hydrate, nourish and protect nails and cuticles – also available with aroma and active ingredients.

Nail Beauty & Care

Nail Beauty & Care

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Stunning frames for expressive eyes


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The essential care for attractive hands

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Kick-start your cosmetics brand.

You are an influencer and aim to start your own cosmetics line? Explore our My Studio, a virtual lounge for tailored make-up ideas and brand creation designed for influencers who’d like to start their own product line. Be inspired by our high-performing and sustainable colour cosmetics collection catering the desires of your target group. Discover a realm of possibilities and browse through our range of services. Let´s combine your creativity with our expertise to develop the cosmetic line that reflects your own personality.

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