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Quality and safety are the top priority for our cosmetics products. Thanks to our customized products and tailored consulting, the experts at Faber-Castell Cosmetics will work together with you to define, design and produce innovative, high-quality products that are customized specifically to your brand’s needs. Get inspired by current trends and discover the trends of the future. Learn about our product development, packagings, formulas, and textures. Explore our additional consulting and support services on issues such as regulations, certification and customized R&D.

We’ll work together with you to define, design and produce innovative, high-quality products that are customized specifically to your brand

Customized Products

Whether it’s a customized standard product or an entirely unique product development, we can provide you with innovative and sustainable solutions developed specifically for your brand. Select between our vast variety of high performing formulas or customize them with additives, fragrances or individual colours – or you may choose to develop an entirely new formulation specifically for your product. 


Define every individual aspect of your new product

We offer you a wide range of wax-based and liquid formula textures, that meet global compliancy with international cosmetics regulations. Mindfully selected ingredients provide extra comfort in application and use, multiple-stage quality assurance procedures ensure safety and the highest hygiene standards for the user.

Choose from custom filling in standard packaging or custom development of individual components. Our selection of caps, applicators and decoration techniques allow complete customization. Our range of tip formats and diameters help to optimize and highlight specific applications.

Fast project development for flexible and short lead times

We ensure fast concept-to-shelf lead times. We’ll be working closely together with you to develop and configure your individual products, produce them according to your specific requirements and meet the highest quality standards. We’ll assist in coordinating timely distribution and enable you to effectively market your cosmetics line quickly and successfully.

You don’t need to conquer the cosmetics world in a day. You can launch your cosmetics line with small production quantities. We offer low minimum order quantities to meet ever-changing market demands to enable you to grow at your own pace. Produce your first cosmetics products according to your specific goals and logistics, then increase productions as your brand grows.

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