It’s our nature

Because beauty should never be a compromise


Cherish the little glimmers of joy


Revealing the beauty of transformation

Beauty is our business

It`s our nature to create products and solutions that are sustainable, safe and make people feel beautiful – because beauty should never be a compromise. As a leading manufacturer of colour cosmetics worldwide, we are always on the hunt for the up-and-coming trends and exploring new, innovative opportunities for our clean beauty solutions. It is our determination to support you and your brand on your personal cosmetics journey. 

Clean beauty

We are committed to sustainable, eco-friendly formulas and packaging with ultimate performance, extraordinary quality following the highest safety and hygiene standards.


We are a diverse international team that unites people of many countries, languages and cultures under one common passion for beauty and sustainability.

Local Footprint

We are committed to maintaining a minimum local footprint by adhering to not only local laws and requirements, but our own strict standards to leave only good impressions.


We have over 40 years of specialized experience in the development and production of superior quality cosmetics products for the world’s most successful cosmetics brands.

Social responsibility

We believe we have an obligation towards society and the environment to use resources effectively, sustainably, and in an environmentally friendly manner while ensuring social justice.


We’ll work together with you to develop and produce successful tailor-made solutions for your target group.


We are dedicated to contributing to a sustainable, safe future for our planet.

Our products

As individual as you are

We create safe and high-quality cosmetic products that make inner beauty shine. Our mission is to provide you with innovative and tailor-made makeup solutions that meet the individual needs of consumers across the world.


The beginning of a perfect look


Stunning frames for expressive eyes


High-performing solutions for irresistible lips


Unlimited looks for an eye-catcher moment


The essential care for attractive hands

Our beauty community.

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It matters

Clean, vegan, natural, cruelty-free and no microplastic particles. You can rely on our ingredients being consciously sourced and safe for your customer´s health as well as for the environment.