Cherish the little glimmers of joy

Adding colourful moments to everyday life


The colourful shades and playful tones of the moments colour palette encourage consumers to embrace positivity, hope, and resilience through their makeup.

Celebrating the little glimmers of joy that brighten the day and unexpectedly lift the mood - whether it is smelling a morning coffee, seeing a flower on the sidewalk, hearing a favourite song on the radio, or wearing the new silky cosmetics product and simply feeling good.

As people go about their day, it is often the little things that make them smile. Little moments of joy, called “glimmers”, that pop up unexpectedly and brighten their mood. These moments may sound trivial, but they are in fact vital for mental health.

The product line aims to bring some colour, some shimmer into people's lives in addition to an uplifting accent to their everyday makeup look.



The moments collection consists of lip, brow, and eye liners, all featuring the same texture with a satiny and matte finish. Each pencil is characterized by rich pigmentation and buildable colour intensity, allowing an effortless application for defined brows or precise lip contours. The soft gliding eyeliner ensures easy application along the waterline enhancing eyes with precision and ease.

The new styrene-free alternative for plastic barrels is also eco-friendly. After all, caring for the environment also means caring for yourself!


Valid for all Moments products

Enjoy the little things





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