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Cosmetics without compromise

So what is Halal all about?

Halal products manufactured by Faber-Castell Cosmetics have been certified by one of the leading Halal accreditation bodies and can be used without hesitation by people of the Muslim faith. They do not contain any ingredients of animal origin while alcohol and various chemical additives are also not permitted. In addition, specific rules and regulations regarding hygiene and ethical standards are followed to ensure the purity (tahir) and high cleanliness of these products.

Because it is our nature to commit ourselves to naturally produced and safe beauty products - not only when it comes to Halal Cosmetics. 




Valid for all Halal products

NEJLA Mascara

You have the choice - which style suits you best: volume, length or defintion?

GARNET Lipstick

What a great experience on your lips - creamy and soft matte, yet vegan and clean

RUBY Lipliner

When it comes to care and protection, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil are a natural solution

RUQAYYA Eyeliner & Kajal

Manufactured with Candelilla wax - our vegan alternative for Bee´s wax

SAIRA Liquid Eyeliner

Beauty lovers best friend: practical for everyday use, dramatic look or stage performance

ARABIC Eyeliner

Eyes from 1001 Arabian nights in a deep carbon black - lasts up to 16 hours

LANA - Eyebrow Pencil

Produced with FSC™-certified wood because it´s our nature

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