Step by step towards a better future

Every small change will lead to a big impact in the future


PROTOPIA is all about making the world a little better - step by step. 
The goal should not be perfection, but instead, our active work on improving - day by day.
This can include choosing cosmetic products designed to reduce waste and consciously use nature‘s 
resources. After all, small steps into the desired direction are easier to achieve for everyone.
A better future is possible and each one of us can contribute to it.



Our new rechargeable mechanical pencil has the potential for a true classic. Simply switch out the cartridge when it's empty, when you want to change colours or when you switch application areas. 


This wooden pencil features the highest performance for eyeliners, lipliners and browliners. Additives like upcycled olive stone powder and upcycled organic avocado oil allow the formula a creamy and soft-gliding application suitable for all application areas.

Valid for all Protopia products

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