Celebrating the past - but meeting new demands

Celebrating the past - but meeting new demands


Faber-Castell Cosmetics has a long history and tradition that continues to shape our knowledge and values today. While we are proud of what we have achieved in the past, we are committed to focusing on the future and combining the best of both worlds - because for us, tradition and innovation do not have to be contradictory, in fact quite the opposite. We see them as two components that influence each other: without the expertise we have acquired over the years, we would not be able to create the high-quality products that consumers are asking for today. With a fresh eye on tomorrow's trends and needs, while valuing our past, we look to what's next and strive for continuous improvement.


With our new concept "Synthesis", we celebrate these two facets using colour as the linking element. Our well-established products are featuring new formulas for lips, eyes and face, that will make your look pop with the trend colours of Spring/Summer 2025 - a celebration of the past, adapted to new demands.



Our sharpenable Plastic Pencil Jumbo offers textures that are extremely long-lasting, water-, smudge- and transferproof. As part of our "Synthesis" concept, we present three different formulas for this product format for eyes, lips and as an all-over stick: from matte to powdery to ultra soft. The innovative textures cater to all your cosmetics needs with high performance and vibrant colours to revive old classics.


The Flow Through Pen features exceptional performance, a rich colour pay-off and a stunning staining effect (on demand). It offers a glittery and glossy finish that can be combined with various extracts and flavours - available with flock, brush or metal applicator.

Valid for all Synthesis products

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