Psychedelic Beauty x Metaverse

Towards digital personalization


An exceptional fusion of psychedelic and hyper natural brought to life on and off screen - that´s what TriP is all about. The digital direction of this vivid new trend is pushing the boundaries of beauty and playing with the unconventional.

Bridging the gap between nature and technology, natural powerhouse ingredients such as mushrooms and hemp seed oil are combined with fancy effects and colours to create an almost alien like finish. 

Textures, colours and accessories aim for maximum radiance. Bright to neon shades are combined with cool hues of metallic black, shiny silver or white pearlescent to achieve post-human perfection and avatar aesthetic.



Be natural! 

The multichromatic eyeliner is showcasing a novelty on the market with a long-lasting formula that contains 100% ingredients of natural origin.



Be creative!

The nature based body marker is the first of its kind making use of water based pigmented ink in pearly colours.


Be hot!

The shimmering lip-gloss comes in a hygienic click applicator and offers staining features while Chilli extract is supporting a lip-plumping effect. 


Be sustainable!

The natural cellulose fibres in the waterproof texture of the wooden brow pencil are filling-in any gaps in a precise application.

Valid for all TriP products*

* exception: CLEAN not valid for Toxic Green Body Marker 

Fantastic features

merged in a clean and long-lasting texture offering an easy-to-blend application!

Use your skin as a living canvas!

Our body marker lasts up to 16 hours and contains mushroom extract to support hydration.

Leaving a hydrated feeling on your cheeks

thanks to hemp seed oil in our nature based blush stick texture

Pushing limitations

with a combination of long-lasting and 100% ingredients of natural origin in one clean formula!

Go for a shimmer & shiny finish

with our clean and waterproof lipliner.

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