An appreciation for nature’s fragile beauty

Pointing the way to Cosmetics´ future

Following the truth trend, our new product range is telling its own responsible, eco-friendly story: from upcycling to carefully sourced natural materials.

The nature of the truth product line is evident in a simple but deliberately accentuated styling, with a colour palette of light, subtle tones contrasting with darker, earthy shades and a range of cool blues - jazzed up with shiny glacial silver alongside elemental purple and lupine as the key colors of fall 23/24.

Where beauty ideals are in harmony with untouched nature and vanishing natural resources!


Ecological thoughtful

Introducing a new product line that combines innovative packaging trends with advanced texture technologies to create high-performing, multifunctional cosmetic pencils that consistently meet and exceed consumer demands

PCR caps

The coloured post-consumer-recycled caps are now available in many colours and for a broad variety of cosmetics pencils – from wood to plastic, from slim to jumbo, for face, eyes, lips and brows!


Valid for all truth products*

* exception: CLEAN not valid for Liquid Eyeliner 

Splish Splash!

The highly natural liquid eyeliner contains water-based pearly ink, now available with coloured PCR caps

More natural is hardly possible

A wooden lipstick featuring a lightweight texture with 99% ingredients of natural original

Looking for a clear and sharp contour?

Just make use of the gel-like gliding lipliner

Silver glacier eyes - but natural?

Absolutely, thanks to our exceptional plant-based bio glitter included in the progressive texture of our eyeshadow stick

For an intense finish with high colour payoff

The long-lasting kajal and eyeliner enchants with its powdery application

Stylish feathered eyebrows

Semi-permanent defined eyebrows sound like a major win for an already-hectic morning routine

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